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Myriad Yoga School of Yoga Teacher Training is designed to meet the evolving needs of the student and teacher in today’s yoga world. With over 6 years of Yoga Training experience, 13 years of teaching, and 20 years of personal practice, we feel confident in stating that Myriad Yoga Trainings are the most comprehensive trainings you can invest in. Myriad Yoga honors Yoga’s rich heritage and tradition and is an depth philosophical and personal exploration.

This is the right yoga training program for you if you believe that there is no one-size fits all yoga- that the yoga practice is unique to the individual and there are as many styles of yoga as there are people teaching. Myriad Yoga pays homage to several time honored Yoga lineages, but teaches in a non-dogmatic and inquisitive style informed by embodied somatic practices. It is our most sincere desire to help you discover your greatest teaching potential by sharing the gifts that only you have.  We give you the foundation and then allow you step into your most inspired Self. You will learn to teach while participating in a deeply healing and transformative experience.

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300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Next Level: Become a Masterful Yoga Teacher

300 YTT is now in session, applications closed. We will inform you of new dates when they open.

The Advanced 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to advance your personal practice and make you a more masterful teacher.  We move forward from the knowledge and experience gained in a 200 hour program to deepen our understanding of the practices and art of teaching yoga. In this advanced training, you will improve upon the connection between your personal yoga practice and the inspiration that is the art of teaching through experiential learning. Unique to this training will be the investigation of how we can work as a yoga community to de-colonize the yoga practice through approaches to racial justice. 

Take the next step in understanding the mechanics of anatomy and how to build strength to prevent injury.  Explore advanced Asana in all categories of poses, as well as modifications and yoga for special populations, including a specialty in prenatal yoga.  Deepen your practice and understanding of pranayama, meditation, and mantra sadhana, and learn tools to help further your ability to teach these essential practices to your students.  Learn how to integrate the deep work of yoga to make the world a better place and safe place for all as you take your practice and teaching to a whole new level.

The 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training  program counts towards your RYT 500 hours (must have previous 200 hours).

*Some Benefits of  the 300 Hour Advanced Myriad Yoga Teacher Training Program

***Bonus: Reiki Master Certification (four levels of Reiki training included in program)

  • Somatic Movement Awareness

  • Expanding Yoga History and Philosophy: Deepening Yoga Sutras and Bhagavad Gita

  • Yoga for emotional balance

  • Trauma Awareness Practices

  • Mantra Sadhana

  • Discussion and action steps to work as a community to de-colonize the yoga practice through approaches to racial justice

  • Cultivating creativity in your life and practice

  • Meditation

  • Advancing your personal practice through Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, and Meditation

  • Cultivating Your Specialty Focus and Unique Offerings

  • 5 Year Growth Plan Counseling

Who should apply?

Previous graduates of a 200 Hour Yoga Alliance Approved Training Program and 6 months of yoga teaching experience (exceptions allowed, inquire with program director).  This 300 hour program of studies will combine with a the 200 hour to make you eligible to receive your 500 hour RYT status with Yoga Alliance.

Certification Requirements: Certification is based on performance and demonstration of your teaching ability and satisfactory completion of all assignments and exams.

We will meet for 15 months, February, 2018 through April, 2020 with a graduation Date of May 2, 2020. This is a flexible format with extra dates built into the schedule to make room for your busy lives. Students may miss up to 3 weekends with no additional make up hours needed. Homework makeup may be assigned and regular monthly payments still apply. Hours may be made up via other classes and workshops with any other teacher for a maximum of 6 missed weekends.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The First Step to Becoming a Yoga Teacher

Download 200 Hour Application Form HERE

Next training program: Summer 2020!

*See 200 Hour summer 2020 dates below

Myriad Yoga School of Yoga: 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training is designed to meet the evolving needs of the student and teacher in today’s yoga world. Yoga is a unique experience of the inner self. While there are myriad different bodies practicing in infinite ways, we all share the common goals of living in health and harmony and sharing those benefits with those we love.

Myriad Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive training covering anatomy, alignment, teaching methodology, philosophy, Ayurveda, and actual practice. You will learn to teach with confidence the beginner student and advancing students in both group and private settings. Most importantly, you will learn to cultivate your own relationship with the many facets of the Hatha Vinyasa Yoga practice in a non-dogmatic approach, improving your strength, confidence, and feeling of connection.

This program gives you your entry level, 200 Hours of Yoga Teacher Training.

Benefits of The 200 Hour Program

  • Teach with confidence & clarity

  • Learn elegant alignment and theories of individual alignment

  • Learn to offer helpful cues, and when/how to safely adjust and assist

  • Teach with inspirational themes

  • Basic anatomy and kinesiology as applied to Yoga Asana

  • Subtle energy (Chakras, Nadi’s, Kosha’s)

  • Basic overview of Ayurveda and its application to the Yoga Practice

  • Observation, demonstration, and skill full verbal cues

  • Effective and creative sequencing

  • Guiding introductions, centering, and relaxations

  • Study of History, Philosophy, Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Samkhya, Ayurveda, Mantra Sadhana

  • Yoga lineage and “post lineage” terminology

  • Develop listening and communication skills

  • Learn professional practices, ethics, and your personal “niche”

  • Yoga and social justice protocols

Who should apply?

1 year yoga experience, 6 months dedicated personal practice or by teacher’s discretion.

Sincere desire to learn, grow, be coached, and to help others

Acceptance is based upon requirement approval and application

Certification Requirements: Certification is based on performance and demonstration of your teaching ability and satisfactory completion of all assignments and exams. To receive your teaching certificate you must demonstrate understanding and integration of the asana practice, yoga philosophy, and teaching methodologies.

Meeting Format Dates 200 Hour May-August 2020:

May, 9: Saturday orientation

May long weekend

Thu 21, 22, 23, 24, Mon 25

June: 2 weekends

Fri 5, 6, 7 & Fri 19, 20, 21

July: 1 weekend

Fri 24, 25, 26

August: 1 full week

Fri 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Homework will be assigned in between sessions. A six week internship will be completed outside of the training dates. Contact Angie for more information.

See our testimonials here.

Early Bird: $2795 ($450 deposit due by April 1)

Full Tuition: $2,995

Payment plans are available, as well as VSAC grants.

$450 deposit and application due to hold your spot in the training

200 Hour Application HERE

200 Hour Training Deposit

200 Hour Training Deposit. Please note: Cash refunds are not available

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