Spirit of Sicily Retreat!

A Spiritual Adventure to The Island of Sicily!

Masseria San Giovanni, Sgadari, Petralia Soprana

June 26-July 3, 2021


The island of Sicily is steeped in natural beauty and rich folklore. Connect to your deep spiritual self as you embark on an adventure into the heart of the spirit of Sicily with your guides, Angie and Patricia.

We will be the guests of Sicilian Spirit Retreat Center, located in the Madonie area, at the very center of Sicily. Our home will be a 17th century farmhouse and it's adjacent guest cottages, surrounded by 60 acres of a lush private park that includes secluded oak woods, a small river and a labyrinth garden dating back to the first half of the 18h century. 

The Masseria is a certified organic farm and produces extra virgin olive oil, wheat, vegetables and fruit that are used to create  farm to table healthy vegetarian meals. Everything is prepared fresh, from the breads and cakes, seasonal soups and stews, salads and of course pasta made  in true Sicilian tradition.

Summer is the perfect time to adventure in Sicily. We plan on taking hikes surrounded by breath-taking Sicilian landscape, a day trip into the enchanting town of Cefalu, and an excursion to Mt. Etna, one of Europe’s most active stratovolcanoes! You can also dip in the magnificent  freshwater pool on the property or enjoy the beautiful orchard and grounds of the farmhouse. 

We will begin each day with yoga and meditation, and close each evening in a spiritual gathering and meditation. Included with this trip will be 3 group channeled energy sessions with Patricia, and the opportunity for private sessions with Patricia while in Sicily. We will also engage in creative and artistic exploration through journaling, land based art, and altars. 

Registration will open soon with room information, pricing, and payment plan options! Contact us to find out more! 

About Patricia and Angie…

We, Patricia and Angie, met in 2012 during our intimate (it was just the two of us and our teacher) and intensive 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Shakti Yoga in Woodstock, New York. We have watched each other take what we learned and create our unique lives using yoga as a tool for personal evolution and living our purpose on this planet. We have gone in very different directions for these past 7 years (7 being a very significant number that represents a full cycle of physical, energetic and spiritual evolution). Angie opened her own studio and started running yoga teacher trainings. Angie is most interested in connecting her students to their deep inner inquiries through a direct felt experience. Angie is a fine artist and has continued to create, exhibit, and teach art as another practice of inner inquiry. Patricia decided early on to teach at local studios and focus on her writing. Shortly after graduation she also began feeling energy in her hands during adjustments and Savasana, when she touched students and began to explore that. She studied Reiki, One Light Healing Touch (both hands on healing modalities), and eventually began a 3 year mentorship program to further open her telepathy. Patricia continues to write, teaches yoga, facilitates channelled workshops and does private readings.

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