This was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself and would encourage others who love yoga to go through Angie’s program.
— Paige Jarvis MYTT 200 & 300 Graduate

There are so many things that I learned at Myriad Yoga Teacher Training with Angie that it’s hard to choose the one most important aspect. I learned so much philosophy, history, anatomy and physical practice. I found a community which has been so valuable to me. Perhaps one of my most important lessons was to feel confident in my teaching and to find something I truly love and want to do.
— Alexandra Hanly, MYTT 200 Graduate

Angie is competent and clear in all aspects of her teaching. Her loving kindness and patience was extraordinary. She empowered me to do my best and I feel confident in my ability to teach Yoga
— Lori Fletcher, MYTT 200 Graduate

Angie Follensbee-Hall is an amazing teacher. She leads gracefully by example and with very generous and open-hearted sharing of her life and her practice.
— Jennifer Armstrong, MYTT 300 Graduate

Angie’s generous heart & bright soul made the long hours of training and study easy. Never did she tell anyone their thoughts or methods were bad or wrong, everyone is allowed to be themselves, to change their path as they go, to dive into whatever interested them most. Yet as I mentioned above, all aspects of the training were offered in an even handed method, so you did not miss out on an opportunity. It has been a delight to spend several years under her wing, learning and growing.
— Charleigh Robillard, 200 & 300 MYTT Graduate

Myriad Yoga Teacher Training is a wonderful, life-changing experience. The 200-hour program provides a solid foundation to start a yoga teaching career and the 300-hour program builds, strengthens, and expands the individual teacher into their own potential. I am so grateful that I am a graduate of both! Angie is a wonderful, caring teacher. I love being in her presence and all that she represents. I would encourage others strongly to study with Angie!
— Ruth Ticknor, MYTT 200 & 300 Graduate

I have been practicing yoga with Angie for several years now and really enjoy her teaching methods. It is a nice mix of all aspects of yoga from breathing and chanting to physical fitness. She challenges those looking for a little extra and allows those who want to take it easy to go easy. She is my favorite instructor by far!
— Cathy Parks, Yoga Student

Angie is a wonderful teacher, always ready with words of encouragement or subtle coaching.
— Bruce Paulson, Yoga Student