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Handmade Paper Creations…

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All works are individual and unique items, no reproductions. I create the paper from pulp, water, and screens, and then I paint and collage the final image. Learn more about how I make these unique works of art HERE.

I create custom orders if you have a special idea to manifest. All works are for sale and can be purchased through the links below to add to your cart. I believe everyone should have artwork they love in their home and I am happy to discuss consignments, contracts, and payment plans.

Contact me for purchasing availability and pricing. Items sell and may not be available.

If you would like to create a payment plan for any of these items and for special shipping information and return policy. Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, custom orders may take 4-6 weeks. Non-USA buyers, please contact me.

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The Paper Collection

In The Moonlit Stillness $275

In The Moonlit Stillness $275

Tree Journal $175

Tree Journal $175

Tree Journal Detail…

Tree Journal Detail…

Four Truths 4 $100

Bougainvillea $175

The Golden Threads That Hold Us Together $175

The Angels We Seek Flutter Within $175

Tree Journal Detail…

Tree Journal Detail…

The Conversations In Your Presence $100

On Shimmers Edge $100

Chakra Flowers $40 per flower

Gold Journals- Available To Order $35 each

Autumn Breeze $500

Noble Truths 3 $100

Blue Journals Available To Order $35 each

Tiny Prayers 2” x 5”, Made to order any color $25 each

Fallen Through Time $95

Whisper Wishes 7” x 1 “, made to order $25 each

Previous Works