Process On And Near The Desk

Original Date: Apr 12, 2018

I shared this picture today on my Instagram account, but here I will go into more detail. I have several works in various stages of process and progress. I have been making paper again. It is interesting for me to think about how I went in a circle with the paper making process. I have found it easier to make paper using my blender than it ever was using the hollander beater. I can make small enough batches to use in one session. I don’t have to deal with running and cleaning the beater, or figuring out where to to store 5 gallons of wet pulp. So I try to make a “wet” session every week.

This week I squeezed in a few hours of papermaking on a late Tuesday morning before an appointment. I am finding it challenging to juggle appointments, picking up the girls from school, dealing with house responsibilities (cleaning, laundry, cooking, taking care of pets), and finding time to work on art. I am teaching yoga every morning of the week except for Friday and Saturday. On a YTT weekend, that means I only have Friday off, but I have to leave at 1 for school pick up. It was a frustrating week for me…

As I worked this week, I reflected and realized that I am ‘falling back’ on old design concepts. I would really prefer to incorporate some figurative work into these paper designs. But considering I only had a few hours, I am grateful I made something. I will try to work paper and some fun items I found at an antique store. I have one work here that is in the collage and paint stage- it is all glued- so now I will work in more color, and probably more mixed media techniques. Also on the desk, you can see some items I have out to give me ideas and inspiration. I find that when I leave items out I will either put them in the piece, or be inspired by their texture or color. I like the word “marinate” and I think that art and ideas need time to marinate. For me, that means leaving things around so that I look at them as I move about my day.

Tomorrow is Friday and I do not have to pick up the girls from school. They will be staying late for an event. That means I will have a long art making day- no yoga class to teach in the morning. The excitement of an entire day of art making is almost making me giddy! Let the flood gates of creativity open wide! See you on the other side!