My Art Desk Day 9

Original Date: Feb 10, 2018

Worked on the landscape in the back for too many days. It lost it’s spontaneity. A lot going on in the home front, so I wasn’t focused and oddly enough, that led to overworking. I would like the whole image to be looser. My decision is to try again. In the previous two, I began with an underwash of payne’s gray, and I think that is a good choice. It sets in my values and gives me interesting washes that I like to keep all the way to the end.

I also think I figured out this paper piece- it is a bit like a puzzle. I lay out the paper sections I wish to include and then I move them around until they feel right. I think I will pull out the glue and put this together before I work on the next painting which is sketched out waiting on the clipboard.