My Art Desk Day 10

Original Date: Feb 12, 2018

One of my constant struggles exists between my art life and my yoga life. Ever since I stepped into the world of teaching yoga, art making has been pushed to the background. I would prefer the art to be more foreground. I love working at my desk and in my studio making art. My ideal days are spent there all day long, listening to books, making tea, designing and creating and being in my own little head and my own little world. But I need to step out and teach and make money. I do love the work of teaching yoga and I love the people. But I know that my heart always longs to spend more time at this desk making art.

This weekend was an example. I ended my art making early on Saturday to go out with the family. It was lovely a lovely afternoon that ended with delicious Indian take out! But I knew Sunday would be busy. I taught a class in the morning, and then I hosted a workshop all day. I had teacher training the previous weekend, so this was the second weekend in a row that was interrupted from making art. While the workshop was absolutely amazing- I do feel my momentum interrupted. Today, there is catching up on emails and some other online work to tend to… I tell myself the work I do teaching yoga is amazing, I love my schedule and my day, and working with such loving souls. And the fact that I get to make money which helps my family doing such important healing work is a gift and it is amazing. But that little space in my heart longs to spend more time at this desk.

Here is what I did at this desk over the weekend. I worked on this painting- not completely satisfied with it- but I will take it to its conclusion- that is my plan as soon as I am done working at the computer. I spent some time last night tying knots on the macrame here as well- after the workshop and after swimming with my daughter (she was upset and wanted to swim all day- but had to patiently wait until we were done with the workshop). I think I spent about an hour at the macrame piece last night. I often tell myself even just a little bit of time creating is good work.

I suppose going forward, I need to try and keep those weekends I am not running YTT a bit more open, so I can satisfy this other longing in my heart. That is what this site and this Art Journal is for, those personal reflections and realizations.

Thank you for reading.