Handmade Paper On The Art Desk

Original Date: Mar 19, 2018

My Art Desk Today: Josh came home last week and said” Oh, you made paper!”

Yes, I dug out the tubs and pulp and got to work. The call was too great. I had been dreaming of crows, and I kept seeing them in handmade paper. So it had to be. My plan for today is to pull out the tubs again and make a few more wet leafs. Life is good.

Show updates:

I am hanging work at Super Fresh in Bratteboro, VT in a few weeks for an exhibition in the month of April. We are planning an art opening for Friday, April 6. I will send out a message with details.

And, I am participating in the Vermont Craft Studio tour Memorial Day Weekend in May! Come to our Studio in Brownsville to see all the crazy things I do with all these medias!