Art Desk Day 11

Original Date: Feb 27, 2018

Last week was a very heavy week. Emotionally it was intense for many personal reasons- doctor appointments, etc… I was also sick, the cold icky cruds finally got me. Anyway- we had 3 birthday parties- two for Ellessia and one for a friend (we dropped the kids off at the party, but stayed around locally until pick up time). Still, I was able to work a little bit at the art desk.

I finished up a macrame wall hanging- it is not pictured here. My brother wanted me to work on an image from one of his hikes- he is an amazing photographer and hikes the White Mountains of NH. You can see his Instagram page at Alpinebee.  He sent me a picture and asked me if I could paint it. I thought it would be a good opportunity to work with a new toy: Generals water soluble graphite pencils. I have been having fun with those pencils!

I have a show coming up in April at the Super Fresh Cafe in Brattleboro, VT, and I have this idea to have several of my macrame hangings holding electric candles. So I got to work making a few more of those- they are pictured at this desk too.

Under the board is a goal list for my art work. I am hoping to phase out some of my other pursuits and to make the art and creativity a growing pursuit. It is good to set goals and expectations for oneself, especially if you are considering a change in direction. I am challenging myself to step out of my comfort zone and to answer the call of my artistic soul. What that will look like I am still determining.

Thanks for reading.