Art Desk

Original Date: Jan 30, 2018

My Art Desk today. I am working on allowing myself to be expressive in the paint, rather than thinking I need to paint in a realistic way. I love wave forms. Someone recently told me God is a Wave… and I realized the deep truth of that statement, and the fact that wave forms have been in so many of my art images for many years! The cosmic Egg.. the primordial space of creation… Hiranyagarbha in Hindu Mythology. I also love the sky, it is mesmerizing! And, I realized I can collage and tear good store bought paper in the same way I have been creating my own paper art for many years. Hoping it brings positive flow to my work. I have a few Macrame` items I am working on tucked off on the sides…

I will be in the Black And White Exhibit at the Library Arts Center in Newport, NH from February through April. I also have a solo show booked at the Super Fresh Cafe in Brattleboro, VT during the month of April, and an open studio tour for the Vermont Crafters at the end of May. Looking to book a few more events to keep me motivated.