Yoga, Light, and Solstice

Original Date: | Jun 23, 2016

Season of Light

Greetings to you at this time of the lightest and brightest days of the entire year. This week’s solstice was most auspicious due to the rare concurrence of the full moon and summer solstice. The last time these two events happened together was in 1967! International Yoga day is paired with the Summer Solstice, and the pairing of Yoga and Light is no coincidence.

What is yoga? Let’s explore by stating what Yoga is NOT. Yoga is not simply asana; asanas are tools for the body. Yoga is not simply breath; breath is the vehicle for life force. Yoga is not simply mantras; mantras are tools for directing energy. Yoga is not cute yoga pants (though there is nothing wrong with cute yoga pants. Cute yoga pants are artistic expression.) Yoga is not your class pass or weekly class. Those classes are great and I am so glad you come to yoga class! But the classes do not make you a Yogi. Yoga is not your ego, not your sense of who you are, and not why you are so awesome. YES, absolutely, you ARE awesome.

Yoga is the evolution of the soul. Yoga is the recognition that you are one with all life and manifestation. Yoga is the slow, or immediate, release of the layers that block you from true understanding. When you meet physical or emotional resistance, yoga asana helps you to understand why you are experiencing pain. You may or may not be able to change resistance to the pain, but yoga can help you to expand your understanding and shift your light.

Yoga is Light.