We Moved! New Name and New Studio!

Original Date: Aug 16, 2017 

A New Home

Josh and I are excited to announce that we have a new home. Not just a home for our family, but for our yoga, music, and art pursuits as well. We purchased our new home and studio almost 4 weeks ago, on July 17. We have been busy little worker bees cleaning, painting, and unpacking our home and studios. If you follow Josh or me on social media, you have seen the intense amount of work we have been doing to get our home and studio spaces up and running. Luckily, Josh has the summer off and I have been on a semi-teaching sabbatical. We have had time to work on cultivating our new spaces before Josh returns to school.

I apologize for being so quiet all these weeks and months! I tend to be single-minded in my focus, and all my energy has gone into preparing our home spaces! I have a strong nesting quality to my personality. It was very challenging for me to not be in my own home for so many months, so when we finally landed in a new home the flood gates opened and all my energy came rushing out to create a new home. I am exhausted and excited at all this new space and our beautiful surroundings in picturesque Brownsville, VT. Our home sits at the base of the western side of Mt. Ascutney. Hiking trails are literally in our backyard. The property sits at the junction of two bodies of water, a sacred location in Indian philosophy! We really couldn’t be happier.


Everyone keeps asking us: “When will you open your classes again!” Josh and I are working as fast as we can to set it all up. The spaces are 99% finished and ready for classes — we could start teaching tomorrow! But we need to clear the town zoning and state permits. We hope to be ready for an open studio celebration in September. We have a goal of Saturday, September 9 for our ‘Grand Opening Extravaganza’ with free classes, food, music, and free pass giveaways. We will also have a free week of classes leading up to or after the grand opening (depending on how soon we can clear the local permits depends on these exact dates). So please watch for future announcements on these exciting events!

A New Name
With our new home and studios, Josh and I decided to start a new business venture. Because our homes have always included our independent artistic/creative pursuits, we decided to name them and start a new business venture. We are introducing Jai Studios LLC, a yoga, music, art and wellness studio center. Josh and I finally have all the studio space of our dreams, plenty of space not just for yoga, but also for our music and artistic pursuits. This home means so much to us and we wanted to celebrate our ‘victory’ in finally having the space of our dreams! Jai means ‘victory’ in sanskrit and is an expression of great joy and celebration, so it seemed a fitting name.

We hope you will join us for our grand opening celebration, and for the many wonderful events we will host in this beautiful new space. You can see pictures of our labor intensive process below. Thank you so much for your support all these years and we look forward to continuing the journey with you in the years to come in this fabulous new space!

With Love,
Angie and Josh

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