Stop Feeling “Busy”

Original Date: Oct 5, 2016 |

I have been feeling grateful this week for cooler days and a little rain. It helps to ground my mind and body. I have also settled into having more “on my plate” than I would like. Our time with Swami Gurusharanananda was wonderful, and I want to thank everyone who came out and helped to make it a wonderful week!  Your contributions helped to make an incredible visit with our teacher from India. But I rolled right out of Swamiji’s visit and right into Yoga Teacher Training weekends. Three Teacher Training weekends in a row! That is a lot of planning and implementing, and no free time with family on the weekends. My first reaction was to feel stressed and upset “poor me, I am soo busy!” But then I realized nothing was going to change, so I have to hold off on that family apple picking weekend, and not think about all the responsibilities of running the weekends. I find not over-thinking about what needs to be done a key piece of feeling more ease at any moment. I realized I wasn’t really any “busier” than usual, I had to stop feeling busy, and the over-thinking was the source of the perceived “stress”.

Once I settled into the idea that autumn was here, Swamiji’s visit was over, and that there will always be “the next thing”, I was able to slow down my mind and enjoy this season transition in its full splendor. It is like anything else in life: once you come into a place of acceptance to what is, and you stop trying to control, fight, or impose your beliefs on something, there is a beautiful grace that follows. I enjoy those light filled moments when they arise and it is my yoga practice that makes them more accessible.

Here are some happy links for you to enjoy as well. May they offer inspiration into your day and fuel further exploration.

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ps… yes, there I was sitting right behind Krishna Das at a recent event!


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