Seva- Service to Feel Whole

Original Date: Apr 28, 2015

One thing is certain:  Life is uncertain.

It is easy to feel overwhelmed by the tragedies of the world. They happen everywhere, everyday.  If you watch the news, you might think that is the only thing that ever happens, one bad thing after another.    I personally do not watch or listen to the news.  No tv.  No radio.  No newspapers or magazines.  No constant bombardment of negative images and negative words.  Some think that this is too disconnected from the world.  How will I know what is happening?  Funny thing is, I always find out about the news of the world, one way or another, and its always in a more calm and hopeful light.

The current tragedy of the Nepalese earthquakes are one such instance. The news filtered into my life.  Sadness pours in, but right after there is hope.  People are banding together to help and support the victims of the tragedy.  I know from personal experience that when life seems to be crumbling, literally in this case, the warm support and assistance from others can make you feel connected and offer hope.

When Isabella was in the hospital, our little Cornish Community banded together and raised money to support us, we had no summer income as Josh is a public school teacher and receives no pay from June- August.  While we both had jobs lined up that summer, we were unable to work and lost those jobs while we were with Isabella at the hospital in Maine. But people delivered money to us so we could buy meals for our family, and they saved money for us in an account back home.  Then when we returned, there were fresh meals and fresh flowers waiting in our home.  We were in the midst of feeling the rug pulled out from our feet, but we felt connected to our community.

Our whole planet is our community.  Its not as big as we sometimes think.  Traveling the globe helps one to realize we are all much closer than we think, and we all share the same resources.  When tragedy strikes in one place, its waves ripple out and effect all.  The same is true of hope and help.

Seva is a sanskrit world meaning service.  Its how we help and serve others.  We do this when we share meals, when we listen to someone closely.  It might be a simple prayer offered up for someone. We can do this in so many ways.  Money is just one small piece.  But it often is the one area we have access to share most easily. And every little bit helps.

Join Powerful Woman Yoga, and Myriad yoga in support of the Mt. Everest Base Camp Fundraising, through the Base Camp Cafe in Hanover, NH.  Join our Advanced Asana Class in Quechee Vt, This Wednesday, April 29th.  All proceeds to benefit the earthquake victims.

Other charities offering support to #NepalEarthquake:

American Nepal Medical Foundation, on the ground in Nepal since
1997, run by Nepali doctors in conjunction with US doctors:…/nepal-earthquake-relief-fund

Mercy Corps, works throughout Nepal, decades of experience:…/earthquake-survivers-need-you…Waves for Water, very good for water-related relief, which is
desperately needed:

The Red Cross