Regrets, I’ve had a few

Original Date: May 25, 2016


A valuable lesson taught to my by one of my beloved teachers has been that we can not make up lost time. We often struggle and worry over loss of money. But the truth is, we can make up the loss of money. It is possible to make more money at another time, or to save it up. But we can not make up for the loss of time. We can not save up time. When you miss out on an event or opportunity, you simply miss out. There is no going back. I like to believe I live my life fully, but I am certainly prone to the money vs. time conflict. My biggest regrets have always been when I chose to not do something because it was “too much money right now,” or “maybe I can do it later.”  Then that “later” never came. My greatest joys in my life have been when I trusted in my path and chose to live in the moment, to make the best of my allotted time.

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