Free Yoga Sequence PDF Breathe, Ease, and Release

Original Date: Dec 4, 2015

Breathe, Ease, and Release: Free For You.

I am a stickler for folks engaging in a home yoga practice. You make discoveries about yourself primarily through your personal practice. These discoveries are deeper and more intimate than you can possibly have in a public yoga class. Practicing in your own space in the privacy of your own home opens you up to inquiry, play, curiosity, and freedom. You can stay as long or as short as you need in any posture. True, a few sessions with a qualified teacher can help you to learn the basics of alignment and integrity of posture. But often, we will spend a lifetime mastering those skills. How can you ever master them if you do not make time to practice?

Even the best of intentions to practice can easily fall to the wayside during the holiday season. Our calendar fills up and we make many excuses to keep the mat rolled up. I put together this home practice sequence so that you can pick and choose what feels right based on how much time you can make for your practice. The sequence is divided into different stages. Practice one or two stages, or give yourself a full practice session and try out the whole sequence.  I will break down component parts of this practice in future posts.

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Free Yoga Sequence PDF Breathe, Ease, and Release