April: “Aperire”- To Open

Original Date: Apr 6, 2016

Aperire – To Open

To me, April always speaks of expansion. My birthday is in April, and that always means another year older. This year marks a big transition: my fortieth decade. Yes, I finally turn 40 this year. But really, I don’t feel 40. I feel 25, and in fact, I was more upset about turning 25 than I am about turning 40. I accept this expansion, this continuation and growth.

April promises transition. Our days are brighter, the first flowers make their appearance, and the temperatures begin to rise. We may still have a spot of snow, but the robins hopping around in search of worms tell us spring is just around the corner. April comes from the latin “Aperire” meaning “to open.” We may feel more open, and for many people that opening might cause them to feel vulnerable. Maybe we are not ready to come out of our winter caves where we feel safe. We have to face decisions we have made; we have to face the continuum. It is said that stress and struggle are resistance to what is. We can’t change what happens outside of ourselves. We can only change our reaction to it — we can only change how we allow outside influences to live inside of ourselves.

May you welcome the expansion, the graceful progress of time, and enjoy the warm sunny days promised in the coming weeks.

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